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President Obama: Mitt Romney Went From "Severely Conservative" to "Severely Kidding"

Barack Obama's White House Campaign Office (D) posted a Video (YouTube) on October 11, 2012 | 5:01 pm - Original Item - Comments (View)
Share this: OFA.BO Tweet this: OFA.BO At a grassroots event in Coral Gables, Florida President Obama highlighted how Mitt Romney is dishonestly hiding his real positions from the American people because they'll hurt his chances to win. Over the last six years, we've seen the real Mitt Romney -- the man who committed himself to severely conservative positions, like supporting a $5 trillion tax cut skewed to the wealthiest, touting a proposal that would take away seniors' guaranteed Medicare benefits, and advocating a plan that would let insurance companies once again deny coverage to millions of Americans when they need it most.
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